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Q:           We’d love to see you work before we book, is this possible?
As most of our work is for private events, (i.e. Weddings), is difficult to bring in potential client’s to view our work. We do have some video available of previous work.

Q:           How far ahead do I need to book my entertainment?
We have customers who book over 2 years in advance to make sure that their date is available. You will also want to take into account the season in which you are planning your event. Autumn in New England is very popular for weddings and subsequently are booked more in advance as does spring and early summer. December is busy due to holiday parties. To be safe, give us a call as soon as you know your date!

Q:           How much will it cost?
With many factors involved such as travel, working hours and equipment requirements, it is difficult to provide a price. To do so, without the details of your event, would not be appropriate. Our prices are guaranteed to be more than competitive with the relatively few DJ’s out there who can match our top quality service and experience.

Q:           Will I meet the DJ who will be performing before my wedding?
Absolutely! We are not a clearing house. If you contract with us, we are the ones who will be working your event. We do not subcontract or hire other DJ’s to perform your event. We normally meet several times in person with our clients to go over the details of their day.

Q:           Will the DJ take over my wedding?
This is your day. We will never take over an event. We are as interactive as you want us to be. We often will lead line dances, instructing those who don’t know it, but quickly step aside and let your guests take over! We can plan games or other interactive events, but these will never be without your knowledge and consent.

Q:           Will you take personal requests?
Definitely! We carry our complete library of music with us and will make every attempt to accommodate any and all requests.

Q:           Do you have a song list?
Our music library is so vast and updated weekly, it would be almost impossible to keep a current list. However, if you want some ideas, check out our music suggestions.

Q:           Should I include the DJs in the meal count?
Ultimately this is your decision; however, it is customary for the vendors to be fed.

Q:           Should I tip my DJ?
Tips are based on your satisfaction. We like to say “A tip is not expected, but always appreciated”.

Q:           How far do you travel?
We routinely travel to RI, Eastern MA, CT, NH and Southern ME. Longer distances are possible, but accommodations may be required.

Q:           Can you set up in advance of the party, even before we sit down for the meal, etc.?
We always arrive early and will be set up before your guests arrive.

Q:           Will I receive a contract to confirm my booking?
Yes, along with our terms and conditions and a receipt for your deposit.

Q:           How will the DJs be dressed?
Always appropriate for the occasion. Our levels of dress are formal, semi-formal and casual. We will always be dressed professionally.

Q:           We are worried about the noise level. We’ve recently seen another DJ and he would not turn the volume down, it was too loud for the room.
We are very sensitive to the sound level in the room and check it constantly. We believe that louder is NOT always better. We are accustomed to working sensitive locations like the New England Aquarium or acoustically difficult locations like cathedrals.

Q:           What kind of lighting and effects do you provide? Will there be strobes and smoke?
Our lighting package is a superb mixture of professional nightclub quality effects and mood lighting. There are no strobes in the line-up, although some of the more active effects flash from time to time. We do not use smoke machines since they are frowned upon by most venues and their fire detection systems. We can provide a non-hydrocarbon based HAZE which will add to the effect of your lighting rig.

Q:           What do you require from us on the night of the event?
All that is required is an area of at least 12’ x 8’  to set up the equipment and at least one standard 20A outlet free from additional load.

Q:           What happens if you are ill or unable to work on the day of our party? Is there a contingency plan?
We have agreements with other DJ’s and in 25+ years have never called on them to cover one of our events. Should it be required, we make every effort to secure a replacement DJ for your event.